Lincoln T. Beauchamp, Jr.

Founding Editor and Publisher

Spandana is a collective effort by Founding Editor, Lincoln T. Beauchamp, along with advisory, and contributing editors, to present ideas, responses and motivations by writers, musicians, artists, scientists and others to all types of situations throughout world, and beyond. The range could be from piracy on the high seas, to unending discoveries by space scientists, to pages  dedicated to the works of painters, photographers, and writers. There are limitless possibilities.

Spandana - Response and Motivation

Spandana is a museum quality, culturally diverse publication, with some content appearing in its original language with translation into English and other languages.

Within the pages: music, photography, architecture, fashion, fiction, poetry, interviews, travel, dance, space science, and various other means of response through creativity by visionaries, activists, contemporary artists, younger artists, and the works of ancestors. Spandana is a confluence of cultures. 

The Book: Coffee Table Softback, 8.5 x 11 inches. Approximately 160 pages /  color and  black & white.  Spandana is printed on the finest paper available.    Spandana will not be offered as an ebook.

Partial List of Contributing and Advisory Editors
Elder Eugene B. Redmond, Author, Educator, Archivist; Poet Laureate, East St. Louis, Illinois
Tamara Madison, Poetry, Literature; Orlando, Florida
Mark Worden, Multilingual Journalist: Italian, English, French, Spanish; Milan, Italy
Alyssa Ryvers, Composer, Human Rights and Victims of Abuse Activist; Toronto, Ontario
Scott Cashman, Writer, Jazz Archivist, Educator; Chicago, Illinois
Joelle Parent, French Translation and Editor; Montreal, Quebec
Amanda Dunsmore, Multidisciplinary Arts, Curator; County Clare, Ireland
Michael Limnios, Multilingual Music Journalist: Greek, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Tibetan, Hindi, and Turkish; Athens, Greece
David Witter, Musician, Author, Educator; Chicago, Illinois
Jean Francois Fabiano, Multi-instrumentalist, Composer, Bandleader; Montreal, Quebec; Paris, France
Jessica K. Carter, Fashion, Caribbean Arts, Activist; Toronto, Ontario;  Panama City, Panama
Deitra Farr, Blues Artist, Writer, Archivist; Chicago, Illinois
Jimmy Payne Jr., Dance, Theater, Black Entertainment History; Chicago, Illinois
Minka Maasdam, Travel; Dubai, UAE
Joan Hackett, Photography; Chicago, Illinois
Oscar Romero, Painter, Muralist; Chicago, Illinois; Mexico City, Mexico
Kevin Beauchamp, Jazz Photography Archivist, Music Producer; Chicago, Illinois

About Lincoln T. Beauchamp,   a/k/a Chicago Beau, Founding Editor and Publisher
       In 1988 I founded Literati International Publishing, which became L.T. Beauchamp Publishing.  We published literary magazines: Literati Chicago and Literati Internazionale, publications dedicated to multiculturalism. In 1989, I founded The Original Chicago Blues Annual, the first Black-owned, Blues-Afrocentric, yet culturally inclusive Blues publication dedicated to preserving an original art form created by Blacks in the Americas; and the foundation of modern music from Jazz, to Rock, to Hip-Hop.  

OCBA was published for seven years with broad support from sponsors and advertisers that included: The State of Illinois, City of Chicago, Icelandair, Alitalia Airlines, Rizzoli Books, Sony Music, DIW Records, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Delmark Records, Jazz in Sardegna, and many more.

To date I've published twenty journals, books, and magazines that include the works of over 100 writers and artists, among them: Pulitzer Prize Poet, Gwendolyn Brooks; American Book Award, and Pushcart Prize recipient, Eugene B. Redmond; Alejo Carpentier; Kalamu Ya Salaam; Jayne Cortez; Deitra Farr; Hart Leroy Bibbs; Amiri Baraka; Beauford Delaney; Henry Miller; Margaret Walker; J. P. Donleavey; Quincy Troupe; Joan Hackett; Joseph Jarman; Henry Dumas; Julio Finn; David Witter; Julie Parsons; and many others.

As a writer, I've published numerous articles, conducted interviews with luminaries across the arts, and authored five books including the rare and highly collectible coffee table book, Great Black Music-The Art Ensemble of Chicago, 1998.  In 2010, the University of Illinois Press published The Best of The Original Chicago Blues Annual, which I edited, and contributed writing. In 2017, I published book 1 of my memoir, Too Much UnConvenience - Recollections of a Blues Gypsy.   

I am co-founder of Chicago Blues Experience, a Blues Museum for the City of Chicago, the opening is in planning stages; and founding board member of the Chicago Blues Education Foundation. 

        Lincoln Beauchamp, aka Chicago Beau, is one of the true jewels of African American culture. A writer and composer, singer and harmonica player, his view of the arts is comprehensive, and his view of the world is insightful. Beau is an educator who teaches at Harper College in Illinois. His writing students have brought their classroom work into the published world as he helps them realize their goals. In fact, it can be said that his body of work has left a lasting impression on the world.

Scott Cashman, Ph. D., Manager of Personal and Cultural Enrichment, Harper College

      Lincoln Beauchamp is an explorer, musician, poet, philosopher, activist, teacher, warrior and more, all wrapped up in a blues groove with fervent love and respect for humanity in all its expressions.  He invites us to explore the world and love the journey in whatever it may bring.  He encourages us to “trust the cosmos” even when we hesitate to trust one another.  He inspires us to create and cultivate our very best.  His message is just a ageless and timeless as he is...

Tamara J. Madison,  writer, poet, performer, and editor

      Spandana is a project from the heart of Lincoln Beauchamp. It grew from the synthesis of his life's experiences and expresses how he knows the world could be. It celebrates great achievements in many areas of humanity. I am proud to be associated with Lincoln and with this exciting project.

Cheryl Atkins, Ph. D.